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Electrical Test & Tag

Fire Safety Services for Bundaberg, Capricorn, Wide Bay & Burnett Regions.

Regular fire safety compliance inspections are required on all fire safety equipment & fire services in Qld.

We have trained Fire Safety Technicians ready to assist you & your business now.
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Our Services

Mercury Fire Protection offers a wide variety of Fire Safety services and protection products in Bundaberg and surrounding regions. All fire safety services and system maintenance are maintained to AS 1851-2012 and QDC MP6.1
  • Portable Fire Extinguishers - supply, installation and testing.
  • Fire blanket supply, installation and inspection.
  • Fire Detection & Alarm System installation, upgrade, testing and maintenance.
  • Emergency & Exit light installation, maintenance and testing.
  • Fire and Smoke door sets inspection,  maintenance & certification
  • Fire Hydrant and Fire Hose Reel inspection, testing.
  • Diesel & Electric Fire Pump inspection & testing.
  • Fire Water Tank Inspections.
  • Hard wired, interconnected & wireless smoke alarm, supply install and test.
  • Building Evacuation Plans & Fire Alarm Zone plans.
  • Electrical Test & Tag to AS3760:2010
If you are an owner, a business or a person, that is occupying, or managing a building in Queensland, you have a legal obligation to ensure the safety of any person in that building in the event of a fire or other emergency (Queensland Fire & emergency Services. ) . Mercury Fire Protection can assist you in complying with state and national legislation.

Fire Extinguishers
Fire Extinguisher Service - Arjen Powell

Fire Extinguishers

We can supply, install & maintain all of you fire extinguisher requirements.

ABE Dry Powder. This rating of fire extinguisher ensures a variety of fires can be put out including, paper, cardboard, wood, people, flammable liquids, petrol, diesel, computers, and office equipment.

Air Water Foam, are suited for Class A and B fires and is most suited for extinguishing liquid fires as it starves the fire of fuel. But not to be used on free flowing liquid fires.

Carbon Dioxide (Co2), are designed to extinguish Class E electrical hazard fires, as well as small Class B flammable liquid fires and Class A combustible fires (e.g. wood and paper).

Wet Chemical Extinguishers, are ideal for fires involving cooking oils and fats and are very effective in preventing the fire from re-igniting.

Fire Hose Reels

Mercury Fire Protection can supply install, service and maintain. All Fire Hose reel sets are maintained to AS1851-2012, which require six monthly servicing.

Having a properly functioning and reliable fire fighting hose reel is an invaluable asset. We will survey the condition, safe operation and flow requirements as outlined in Australian standards at 6 monthly interval as required.

We are able to repair, maintain or replace equipment as required at your request.

Fire Hose Reel - Fire Safety
Fire Detection & Alarm System
Fire Detection & Alarm Systems

Fire Detection & Alarm Systems

There are numerous fire detection & alarm systems in the market today and we endeavour to cater to all of our clients needs.

Early fire detection can mean the difference between a small, manageable fire incident and a catastrophic fire emergency where assets, property and even lives may be lost.

Mercury Fire Protection specialises in installing and maintaining advanced fire detection and alarm systems for your commercial premises, warehouse environment or industrial site.

Fire Detection & Alarm Systems can be configured to suit your exact needs, and offer capabilities such as:

  • Thermal detection – point type and linear heat detection, Smoke detection – photo-optical, ionisation and multi-criteria, Flame detection ,High sensitivity aspirated smoke detection.
  • Interphase to fire pump and sprikler systems, HVAC, Fire brigade or security monitoring
All of our installations, upgrades, testing and maintenance comply with relevant Australian Standards, such AS 1851, AS 1670, AS 1668 and NCC 2019

Emergency & Exit Lighting

We are able to install, service and maintain emergency lighting within buildings and all other areas that require emergency lighting by licenced electricians.

Emergency lighting assists by illuminating the path to the nearest exit from the area of the fire. Whereas Exit lighting identifies the direction to take.

Electrical Emergency lighting and Exit lighting should be inspected and tested by a licenced professional every 6 months as required by AS2293.2-1995.

Mercury Fire Protection can address all of your Emergency and Exit lighting requiremnts as well as networked Nexsus, Legrand Axiom systems.

Emergency & Exit Lighting
Emergency & Exit lighting inspection, repair.
Fire Safety
Smoke Alarm installation and testing

Smoke Alarms

Mercury Fire Protection can supply install, service and maintain compulsory smoke detectors in your home, business or buildings and all other areas that require hard wired smoke detectors, fitted by licenced electricians.

Queensland homes will be required to be fitted with photoelectric, interconnected smoke alarms in all bedrooms, as well as hallways as part of legislation passed in parliament this September 2016.

All houses being built or significantly renovated will need to comply with the smoke alarm legislation upon completion after January 1, 2017. All houses leased or sold will need to meet compliance after five years and all owner-occupied private dwellings will need to comply with the legislation within 10 years.

See Queensland Fire & Emergency Services here for further details.

Fire & Smoke Doors

Fire & smoke door sets, also classified as passive fire protection, require regular inspection and maintenance to Australian Standards. Sliding door sets require 3 monthly and anual inspections , while other single and double door sets require 6 & 12 monthly inspections as required by AS1851-2012.
Fire & Smoke Door inspections
Fire & Smoke Door compliance inspections

Electrical Test & Tag

Electrical Test & Tag

Mercury Fire Protection -  provides onsite Testing & Tagging of portable electrical equipment, servicing Bundaberg, Wide Bay & Burnett with expert electrical test and tag team trained to correctly test and tag all appliances to meet AS/NZS 3760:2010

According to the Electrical Safety Regulation 2013 (Qld), as an employer you must regularly inspect and test specified electrical equipment and safety switches in your workplace.

Mercury Fire Protection prides itself on delivering prompt, reliable and affordable service to all clients, big or small, specialising in construction , Factories, Packing Sheds, Workshops, Schools, Offices & Day Care Centres.

  • We have the latest test & tag equipment used and tested on all appliances including IT and 3-Phase equipment.
  • After testing, faulty items are reported immediately and repairs arranged if required.
  • Reports provided include an Asset List, Detailed Test Results and Failed Items List.
  • We provide automatic re-test scheduling to ensure you remain compliant throughout the year.

Give David a call on 07 4159 8105 to discuss your test and tagging needs.

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We provide a local family friendly service, with a professional customer service focus, and thats the way we like it!

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Mercury Fire Protection - Fire Safety Bundaberg
David & Arjen Powell

David Powell

Director - Fire Technician / Electrician.
QBCC Lic # : 1301767
Electrical Lic #: 145794

Arjen Powell

Fire Technician
QBCC Lic #: 15082371

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Mercury Fire Protection is a local family owned fire safety business providing fire protection services to Domestic, Hospitality, Retail, Agricultural, Commercial & Health Care services in the Bundaberg, Wide Bay & Burnett regions. We can supply install and maintain all of your Fire Service needs to Australian Standards, with qualified fire technicians and electricians. 

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